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I am passionate about helping families like yours find simple baking strategies that will keep you healthier and happier.

As a mother, I know first-hand how challenging it can be to bake. But as a pastry chef, I know there’s a better way.

This site is designed to help baking beginners to experts bake smarter within the reality of everyday living. I share my simple tips, recipes, plus loads of research supported kitchen appliance reviews. This will hopefully address your baking challenges and empower your inner chef to develop lifelong baking skills.

My goal is for Baking Smart to be a place where baking enthusiasts can gather and find helpful, positive and actionable baking advice that will have a lasting impact.

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This is our happy place to share with you the latest information on baking and smart tips to feed your family well.


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Turn your kitchen into a bakery! This is our obsession and purpose to find the best top rated bread machines that will speed up your baking.


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